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Dr. Laurie Helgoe speaking engagement

"It has been a pleasure working with Laurie on this session for our members on the power of introversion in the workplace. Laurie delivered a brilliant talk that really resonated with our audience - it was very informative and engaging and Laurie's passion for the topic really shines through. If you’re looking to start a conversation with your team on introversion, I can’t recommend Laurie enough!"


Josie Kent

Engagement Manager
PepTalk Co.

Dr. Laurie Helgoe is the internationally-acclaimed author of Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life is Your Hidden Strength, the first book to reveal that introverts represent at least 50% of the population, not a small minority as long assumed. An experienced psychologist and dynamic speaker and trainer, Helgoe shows what happens when a culture values the social over the solitary, when parents feel pressure to keep kids publicly engaged, and when introverts learn that what comes naturally is suspect. Using her own story and those shared by introverts from around the world, she also shows what happens when introverts feel mirrored and recognized for the preferences they value, stop apologizing for who they are, and freely use rather than defend their thoughtful orientation to life. Helgoe is comfortable speaking before a variety of audiences, including teachers, parents, corporate personnel and managers, lawyers, writers, religious groups and health professionals.


Helgoe has enjoyed more than 25 years of experience offering public presentations, seminars and lectures, and is a frequent national media contributor. A media profile is available here. In addition to Introvert Power, her books include Fragile Bully: Understanding Our Destructive Affair with Narcissism in the Age of Trump and The Anxiety Answer Book, as well as translated publications in Chinese, Finnish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish. 


Dr. Helgoe is available to provide keynote addresses, public presentations, workshops and break-out sessions. She is also willing to meet with groups for discussion, Q&A, and consultation. Contact her today!


Speaker Topics


General Audiences:

Stepping out of the Destructive Dance of Narcissism

Understanding Introversion

Ebb and the Art of Pulling Back

Beyond “Get Happy”: Honoring the Quieter Emotions


Workplace training:

Putting the I in TEAM: Toward Introvert-Inclusive Group Processes

Leveraging Introvert Strengths for a More Productive Workplace

When your Personality Makes Me Miserable: Managing Workplace Narcissism


For therapists:

Un-diagnosing Introversion

“Your Past is Sticking to Me” – Working with Projective Identification in Therapy

Interrupting the Vicious Circle of Narcissism

For Medical Students, Residents and Physicians:

The Introverted Doctor

The Patient's Personality: Best Practices

Responding in Emotionally-Charged Situations


For lawyers:

The Case Against Stress


For writers:

Get It Published: How to Navigate the Road from Concept to Contract


For parents:

Let Them Be: Parenting Introverted Children


For educators:

Beyond Hand-Raising: Introvert-Friendly Approaches to Class Participation


For a flat fee, Dr. Helgoe is available to provide a day of her services, which may include a keynote and discussion, talks at separate locations, a combination of a lecture and workshop, a presentation and follow-up consultation with a smaller group, or any agreed-upon customized arrangement that allows adequate time and access to meals, breaks and privacy. Shorter presentations may be arranged for online delivery. For fee information, email description of venue, audience and location to and indicate “Speaker Inquiry” in the subject line.


Travel Expenses


In addition to the speaking fee, the following travel expenses are to be covered: round-trip airfare from Minneapolis, MN, two nights lodging at hotel or bed-and-breakfast, and transportation to and from speaking venues and airport.

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